• Let's set out on a journey to explore the shores of Hokkaido!


What Kawatabi Hokkaido is about

Kawatabi Hokkaido strives
to convey the fascinating beauty
the “shores” of Hokkaido’s rivers
and lakes possess.

Besides experiential activities such as canoeing and rafting, there are numerous events and local festivals that are held along the river, not to mention the breathtaking beauty of the scenery you will want to share with others.

We make a point of incorporating important information such as shopping and dining options in the area of each river we introduce, in hopes of promoting an entire tour centered on the “river.”

An invitation to “Kawatabi,”
which explores the wondrous
riverside scenery seen through
the eyes of Takeshiro.

Matsuura Takeshiro was deeply involved with the Ainu who inhabited the land, as he made his way into the rivers of each area, exploring the depths of the Ezo (Hokkaido) land. This “ultimate journey,” laid the foundation for development in Hokkaido.

Today, many years after Takeshiro’s great feat, “Kawatabi Hokkaido,” a project in Hokkaido which seeks to discover the magic and wonder of rivers, is underway.


Capturing the Rivers of Hokkaido!-Moments on the Shore-

From slow-flowing grand rivers to the wildlife that thrives in the area, here is a collection of charming photos of Hokkaido’s rivers and shores, by Hokkaido photographer Hanzawa Nobuo.

Introducing rivers and dams

Numerous unique rivers and dams are scattered throughout Hokkaido. This collection will introduce some of the main picks.

Introducing rivers and dams

We decided to pick out a few of the best cycling roads that take you along the waterfront and rivers of Hokkaido!

kawatabi close-up articles

There are lots of ways to enjoy the rivers and riversides of Hokkaido! Be sure to check out Kawatabi Hokkaido articles to find something especially for you!



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